List Of MoUs

Embedded Systems With 8051 & PIC Controller

This program which helps in understanding generic concepts in automation apart from updates on latest technologies and product specific nuances. Prolific’s uniqueness in providing value added training in automation has been well regarded by industry leaders technical capability as well as professionalism .The certificate from Prolific will have immense value added advantage for the students to carry for the interview as the certificate indicates the Proficiency of the individual in this segment. Even most of the leading service provider in this segment also recruit the freshers who undergo Prolific’s training programs.

Students Training Program

The training program aims at hands-on learning the engineering aspects of Solar Photovoltaic Sector, using software tools. The program has been framed by extensive experience of Steinbeis in this field and also research on the output of the prior training programs conducted by Steinbeis in India and world-wide. To make participant understand the impact of solar irradiation on PV production, to make better use of PV system to design various PV systems

Wipro Mission 10x

This is a program in association with Wipro - Bangalore. This program enables the Faculty to improve their teaching skills related technical topics, which make possible the teaching – learning process.