List Of MoUs

Instrument Society of India (ISOI)

The Society of Instrumentation professionals was established in the year 1970, with head quarters at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It strives to act as a link between academic institutions and the instrumentation industry, by organizing several programs. It also conducts programs for students and working professionals in the form of short term courses, symposia and topical reviews.

Spectrochem Instruments Pvt Ltd

The Department of EIE, VITS, Deshmukhi and Spectrochem Instruments Pvt. Ltd. exchanged each other’s facilities such as Engineering Workshop, Sophisticated Equipments, instruments etc and library facilities according to rules and regulations of each party as per the conditions laid-down by the parties.

Wipro Mission 10x

This is a program in association with Wipro - Bangalore. This program enables the Faculty to improve their teaching skills related technical topics, which make possible the teaching – learning process.