List Of MoUs

IBM Career Education Program

This program in association with IBM Pvt. Ltd. is designed to develop sufficient industry needed skills for manpower on critical emerging technology areas such as Cloud, Analytics, and Mobility.

CISCO Network Academy

This program in association with CISCO is designed to teach necessary networking principles and skills to improve their career and economic opportunities.

STEP Program (CIT)

This is a program in association with IIIT- Hyderabad, Gachibowli. It facilitates the students to improve their technical skills, which are not covered in regular under-graduate course work.

Infosys – Campus Connect

This program is in association with Infosys – Gachibowli. It enhances the technical skills of the students related to industry needs, which are beyond the Academics.

Wipro Mission 10x

This is a program in association with Wipro - Bangalore. This program enables the Faculty to improve their teaching skills related technical topics, which make possible the teaching – learning process.

Computer Society of India

The department of CSE organizes professional activities through CSI student chapter. This professional body provides benefits like Recognition, Knowledge Enhancement, CSI Publication, Awards, MOU benefits, Networking, R & D, CSI events, etc., for both faculty and students.